Welcome to Gemr, an online community and marketplace founded by collectors, for collectors. Collectors don’t just buy and sell things. They care deeply about the things they collect. And they want to share their latest finds with others who will appreciate their new collectible as much as they do. A like-minded community is as much a part of collecting as the marketplace. To that end, every collector embarks on a journey that encompasses four generalized steps — discovering, displaying, discussing, and buying & selling. We call it “the collector’s journey.” And we have created a site where collectors can take the journey together. Become a gemr, and journey with fellow collectors who share your collecting passions.


There’s nothing like the rush of excitement that comes with finding the perfect new collectible online. With hundreds of specialized clubs, Gemr connects you with like-minded collectors (and their stuff) so that you can easily expand your collection—or create an epic wish list.


Collectors are show-offs. We can’t help it! We want to share our latest cool finds with others—ideally, others who will appreciate them. On Gemr, tons of new collectibles are shared every day with a community of passionate and like-minded collectors.


Gemr is a great platform to easily connect with the people who know the things you want to know, as well as those who will be super impressed with your collecting wisdom. Discuss your collecting passions with people who care as much as you do, and dive deeper into your interests with new friends.


Join Gemr clubs and connect with people who share your interests—we have hundreds of great curated clubs. Can’t find the perfect club for the things you love to collect? Create your own and help our community grow and diversify! Learn More >>

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Let’s be honest—no collecting hub created by collectors, for collectors would be complete without a marketplace. Ours is pretty awesome, and it’s powered by PayPal, so you can rest assured it’s secure and reliable, too. Whether you want to add to your collection or make some room for new goodies, we’ve got you covered.

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Gemr is a collecting community created by collectors, so of course we have lots to talk about when it comes to collecting! Enjoy daily posts by our staff, guest curators, and fascinating collectors, and stay up to date on all things geeky!

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