Embark On Your Collector’s Journey With Gemr


Ralph Waldo Emerson once wrote “life is a journey, not a destination.” If you are a collector, then collecting is a parallel conviction. Someone who understands collecting on a surface level may believe collectors simply go on shopping sprees at … Read More

8 Reasons To Gift Collectibles (Not Fruitcakes)


First thing's first: if you're seriously thinking of giving a fruitcake to someone this holiday season, we need to talk. And by talk, we mean you need to consider the following fruitcake facts: An average fruitcake is said to share the same … Read More

Collector Spotlight: Goobber1130


  For a collection that’s as eclectic as it is exquisite, look no further than Goobber1130’s Gemr page. In addition to his wide array of comic books, Goobber1130 is also a collector of stamps, books, vinyl records, and more. Yet despite this … Read More

Stanley London Brass Brunton Compass


There are two kinds of collectibles: collectibles that we find, and collectibles that find us. Okay, maybe that’s not the only way to categorize collectibles, but the point still stands. While seasoned collectors are familiar with the ongoing hunt … Read More

Make an Offer, Clean New Look, more!


Greetings Gemr users! We’re excited to bring you another new release of Gemr that further enhances usability and performance, plus we’re introducing a brand new marketplace feature we think you’ll love. We’ll also be covering new features we’ve … Read More

The Magic Lantern, or “The Lantern of Fear”


Did you know projecting an image only requires four common household items? It’s true, all it takes is: A light source (the stronger the better) An object you wish to project A device to form the image Something upon which to project the … Read More

Developing a Good Eye: Part 1


Learning To Discern This is Part 1 of an ongoing series.   Collectors with a “good eye” build killer collections. They know where to go, what to think about, what to pay, and when to pounce. They have learned how to assess each item they … Read More

Developing a Good Eye: Part 2

Working Through The “When” This is Part 2 of an on-going series. Click here to see Part 1.   It doesn’t matter if you collect Fine Art or Funko Pops, the training method necessary to developing a good eye remains the same. Whether you … Read More